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General Terms and Conditions of Use:
1. General and (“CTZAR”) are published by CTZAR, SARL with a capital of €24,000, whose head office is established at 1 rue de Metz 75010 Paris, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 501 240 634, hereafter “the Company”. Legal Representative and Head of Publication: Thomas Silve.
The website is hosted by Amazon Services Europe, SARL whose head office is established at 5 rue Plaetis L-2338 Luxembourg, registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under number B-93815. has been declared to the National Commission on Computer Technology and Freedom (CNIL) under number 1882789v0.
The SOCIADDICT website (hereafter “the Website”) offers to its members the opportunity to collaborate with brands (by participating in word-of-mouth marketing campaigns) and, more generally, to benefit from offers and services through the online platform, in particular tools for the evaluation and steering of their social influence.

2. Glossary

In these terms and conditions the following references are made:
– Member – any user of the Website who has opened an account with respects to the terms defined in article 4. Each Member has a secured access to a personal dashboard, which regroups all his private data.
– Ambassador – any Member who has been selected by CTZAR in collaboration with a (or several) commercial brand(s) and who has confirmed his participation in a Campaign.
– Campaign – any experience, news, event invitation, product(s), etc. offered by the Company to its Members in partnership with a (or several) commercial brand(s).
– Post – any content (photo, video, text, etc.) shared on social networks or other sharing platforms.
– Followers – all contacts of a Member on his different social networks (Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, etc.).
– User – any user of the Website, whether as a registered Member or not.
– Total cost – total value of what is offered to a Member in exchange for his participation in a Campaign. Can include benefits (product, service, etc.) and monetary remuneration.
Benefits cost – value of the experience offered by a brand within the context of a Campaign (product, service, event, etc.).
– Monetary cost – remuneration amount offered to a Member in exchange for his participation in a Campaign.

3. Scope of application

These General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereafter “Terms and Conditions”) apply to any User of the Website.

4. Registration

Registering on the Website as a Member implies opening a private account. A User may not create or use more than one account. Users cannot sell, trade or transfer their membership to another person or entity, nor accept or use an account that was not originally theirs.
When registering, the User needs to supply his first and last name, a valid e-mail address and a password. He must then connect at least one of his social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or any other network recognized by the platform).
We encourage the Member to fill-in his profile in order to increase exposure and thereby his chances of collaborating with brands and participating in a Campaign.
By doing so he commits to supply accurate, truthful information; he notably certifies that he is at least 18 or that, if he is between 13 and 18, he has parent or legal guardian permission to use the Website. If he is 18 or more, he accepts to be potentially approached for Campaigns by alcoholic brands.
Consequently, any incorrect information will prevent the Member from collaborating with a (or several) commercial brand(s). Information and images provided for registration need to comply with the same rules as those for Posts described in section 6.3 below.
To access their account, Members will need to sign-in to the Website through the e-mail address and password that they registered.
Members are responsible for all actions made on the Website under their account; they must inform the Company immediately if an illicit or fraudulent use of their account has been conducted by a third party.

5. Participating in Campaigns

Participation in CTZAR Campaigns is ruled by the following general terms and can, if need be, be complemented by specific rules such as specified in the Campaign brief.
In case of inconsistency between these general terms and the additional specific rules relating to a specific Campaign, the latter prevail.

5.1 Eligibility

Every Member is eligible for brand collaborations. All that is needed is for a brand to select the Member. In order to make a selection, brands carefully review available information. It is therefore highly recommended to Members who want to collaborate with brands to carefully fill-in their profile.

5.2 Campaign enrolment

Through their private dashboard, Members can find the Campaigns that they have been offered to participate in.
Members get Campaign proposals matching their profile, based on criteria such as gender, age, address, interests and influence. This selection is made by the commercial brand(s) in collaboration with the Company.
Members are totally free to accept or refuse to participate in a Campaign that they have been selected for. It is recommended that Members only accept Campaigns that they believe in and that they feel ready to actively participate in.
Members are required to respond to Campaign offers as soon as possible (whether they decide to accept or refuse them). The number of participants for each Campaign being limited, only the first registrants will actually be confirmed as taking part. The Company retains the right to exclude from future brand collaborations Ambassadors that continuously not respond to Campaign proposals.

5.3 Use of exclusive privileges

The exclusive privileges offered by CTZAR to a Member as part of a Campaign are restricted to his personal use only.
Products and invitations offered through a Campaign are for the Member’s non-commercial use and benefit; he may not sell, trade or donate them without being explicitly entitled to do so. He agrees to use what is offered strictly as defined in the frame of activity of the Campaign brief, with the unique intention to contribute to the promotion of the product / service / event.

5.4 Content production by Members

Ambassadors are required to use one (or several) Campaign hashtag(s) for all their Posts relating to the Campaign (text, photo, video). This is indicated in the Campaign brief.
Each Ambassador publishing photos and/or videos linked to a Campaign guaranties that everyone featuring in them has been informed of and has authorized their publication. The Company may not under any circumstance be held responsible in case of a dispute around the publishing of this content.
The Ambassador commits to publish in accordance with current laws and regulations. It is therefore strictly prohibited to post content:
– contrary to public order and common decency
– that is abusive, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, revisionist
– violating honor, reputation or presumption of innocence
– violating any party’s privacy
– denying personal rights, copyright, intellectual property
– that encourages discrimination, hate, suicide or crime
– that is threatening to one person or a group of people
– that contains pedophile material
Note that this list is non-exhaustive.

5.5 Remuneration

By agreeing to participate in a Campaign, Members commit to fulfill the mission that has been entrusted to them and described in the Campaign brief: number and type of Posts, social network choice, hashtag use, etc.
Only CTZAR is habilitated to proceed to the payment of the Monetary Cost to a Member once he has duly and fully carried out the agreed mission.
Any Campaign mission that has been executed in an incomplete, inaccurate (wrong hashtag) or untimely manner won’t allow for to the release of the associated Monetary Cost.

The Company retains the right to exclude from future brand collaborations Ambassadors that do not meet the requirements of the missions they have agreed to fulfill.

6. Intellectual property / Right of personality
6.1 CTZAR and CTZAR partners rights

A Member may not monitor, data-mine or copy the Website pages or any content contained in them, nor collect, archive, trade or sell any personal data about (or communications with) other Members he may meet through the CTZAR network.
Members may receive confidential strategic information about a (or several) commercial brand(s) through a Campaign offer. This information is only disclosed for the purpose of the Campaign. Members agree never to disclose or replicate it in any form.
CTZAR aims to stay free of any intrusions. Members are forbidden to share or send unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, junk mail (chain letters, spam, etc.), pyramid schemes, or any other type of solicitation to other Members they may meet through the CTZAR network.

6.2 User rights

An Ambassador yields to CTZAR, for all regions and durations, in a non-exclusive and free manner, all rights for any content that is accompanied by the Campaign hashtag, for use on the Website, on the partner brand(s) website(s) and social network(s) (see section 7.3 below).
“All rights” includes but is not limited to: copyright, right of personality, image right, voice right, name right, etc.
The Ambassador therefore releases the Company from any appeals or actions that could arise on that basis.
The Company shall also not be held responsible for the intellectual property rights infringement of someone featured in a Post that is produced by the Ambassador and accompanied by the Campaign hashtag.
However, paid media sponsorship of an Ambassador’s post is not included in the above rights and will be negotiated on a case-per-case basis with the Ambassador.

6.3 Social networks and sharing websites

Content produced by the Ambassadors and posted with the Campaign hashtag(s) can be broadcasted on sharing websites or social networks (notably: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
The Ambassador is made aware that particular terms and conditions apply to these online platforms. Before any use of the Website, the Ambassador needs to be acquainted with and accept them.

7. Company responsibility

CTZAR warrants having the right to use the brands (and their associated products) it has established a partnership with.
CTZAR retains the right to modify or discontinue its service (or any part thereof) with or without notice to any member. CTZAR shall not be held liable to any User or third party for any modification or suspension of its service(s) or of its online platform.
Users acknowledge and accept the constraints and limitations of the Internet network, notably with regards to data transmission and potential breaches.
The Company shall not be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect (data loss or other) following the deletion of an account due to inactivity or non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions.
The Company shall not be held responsible for any damage caused by products / services or occurring during an experience proposed by a (or several) partner commercial brand(s).

8. Account termination

Members are free to delete their account at any time.
The Company also retains the right to delete a Member’s account should he fail to comply with the Terms and Conditions, with or without notice.
The termination of an account will lead to, in a delay of six (6) months maximum, the deletion of all personal data relative to the leaving Member.

9. Personal data

The use of the Website implies the collection of personal data. Users are invited to consult the “Privacy Policy” section below.

10. Modification of the Terms and Conditions

Note that CTZAR retains the right to periodically amend the Terms and Conditions without notice. Users are therefore invited to consult and review them regularly (the latest version is always available on the Website).
Use of the Website implies the acceptance of the most up-to-date Terms and Conditions (and therefore of any changes that may have been made).

11. Applicable law

These Terms and Conditions are subject to the French law. Any dispute will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Paris.
The Website complies with the French law. The Company gives no guarantee on compliance with other applicable local laws if the Website is accessed and used from another country.

For any questions relating to these Terms and Conditions, the publisher is reachable by e-mail at the following address: