Social-talents|3/22/2021 | 8 min

Meet Ines Alpha, the artist who is shaping the future of beauty

By CTZAR Agency

How would you define your art today ?

What does make-up mean to you ?

Where does this desire to transform faces come from?

What made you think that people could be open to this?

What are you trying to convey through your art ?

"If my work should be useful, I would like it to help people to accept themselves better, to offer them a creative tool to freely express their beauty, and to challenge the idea that people have of what a beautiful face is."

You work with many brands and artists, how do you approach your collaborations?

What are your views on the evolution of our digital identity and the place it is taking in our lives?

Does the future of beauty lie in virtual worlds?

"The future of beauty lies more certainly in the end of the standards that our society conveys and in a creative and varied approach to self expression."

Will we all be buying virtual clothes in the future ?

What do you think about the emergence of virtual influencers?

Virtual events and experiences are developing more and more, how do you imagine people will meet in the future?

CTZAR Agency