Social-talents|5/25/2021 | 5 min

Meet Zombie Tears

By CTZAR Agency

How would you describe your style ?

©Zombie Tears for CTZAR

What are your inspirations ?

©Zombie Tears

When did you start drawing?

How did you get into tattooing ?

©Zombie Tears

What does it mean to you to write on people's skin?

You worked in an advertising agency, what did you get out of it ?

How do people get to you?

Has our relationship with the body changed this year?

Let's talk about Baca, the brand you co-created with Pauline Laponey

You collaborate with many other artists ...

You made an exhibition with Yugnat999 "IRL Meme", why do you want to bring this digital culture in the "real" world ?

You have done a lot of A/R filters, what do you like about it?

CTZAR Agency